Quality Assurance

Jai Maruti Gas Cylinders Ltd. is committed towards maintaining international quality standards in its range of Refrigerants Cylinders, Ammonia Cylinders, Refrigerants Gas Cylinders (Fourth Series Gases), etc. Here, all raw materials and components are procured from reliable vendors of the industry and highly advanced test process is adopted to ensure supply of flawless cylinders.

We aim to create an environment of total quality management system by involving talents and expertise of our well trained technicians for continuous improvement and technology up gradation. Our industrial gas cylinders conform to the IS:7312 & 3196 (Pt.2&4), IS 3196 and ISO 9001 standards.

Manufacturing Process

Jai Maruti Gas Cylinders Ltd. is known to have fulfilled each customer's requirements by meeting their needs on the basis of effective manufacturing process, hi-tech research department, rigid quality control process and ultra-modern machines & equipment. Our unmatched position in the industry is attributed to the contributions made by our dexterous workforce that includes engineers, technocrats, designers, quality personnel, researchers, marketing executives, supervisors, amongst others. 

We put into application the most comprehensive welding techniques under which submerged Arc and Metal Inert Gas Welding is given new definition by using gas mixture of Argon and Carbon Di Oxide. The next stage involves effective inspection and X-Ray's examination (Radiography) to meet the requirements of respective standards. 

The cylinders, after fitted with valve, are subjected for high degree of vacuuming subsequently filling of Acetone and saturated with gas. The special feature of JMC porous mass is chemical stability. No effect against mechanical impact is an assured fact about our industrial gas cylinders. Also, high porous mass has the capacity to absorb heat of solution as well as resist decomposition of acetylene gas under pressure.

Raw Material

All the raw material and components are first examined by the quality testing team and after that used in the final production process. 

Finished Goods

All the produced cylinders are subjected for shot blasting, zinc metallizing and painting which are executed by skilled professionals.  

Research & Development

Spreading over 2 acre land area at Gwalior, Madhya Pradesh, our infrastructure consists of an advance R&D department which is an integral part of the company. Continuous research and product analysis is an integral part of activities performed by Jai Maruti Gas Cylinders Ltd. Here, further modification in the industrial gas cylinder is done as per the feedback and suggestions given by the clients. Due to rich gathering of highly experienced researchers, engineers and technocrats, our company also undertakes projects for sorting out of problems being faced by our valuable customers pertaining to gas cylinders including Ammonia Cylinders, Refrigerants Cylinders, Refrigerants Gas Cylinders (Fourth Series Gases), etc. and their applications.

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